SYSTEM ゲームシステム


Lost Archive Plus can be played in the browser
This is a full-fledged online card game that uses cards and boards to fight.
In battle, users take turns alternately and win if the opponent's physical strength is reduced to 0.

シンプル操作&かんたんバトル BATTLE

The operation method of Lost Archive Plus is very simple. You can experience a deep battle with a simple operation at your fingertips.
the player is
"Minions" are characters placed on the field and have various skills.
A magic card "Spell" that exerts various effects
"Relics" that are placed on the field and remain effective until they are destroyed
Use these three cards to aim for victory.
Also, there are three simple rules in battle.

バトルノカギヲ握るカード配置 SETTING