The outline of the handling of user information in "Lost Archive Plus" (hereinafter referred to as "this game") provided by Clover Lab Co., Ltd. is as follows. Please use after understanding the contents.

(1) Acquiring data and the methods
Information that customer registers in our company's entry form(User name・Mail adress,etc.)
Information that acquires automatically
1.Action history information of this game(Log information・Payment information, etc)
2.Cookie information
3.Device identification information

(2) Purpose of use
1.For service's offer・maintenance・inprovement
2.For customer service offer such as contact form and other things
3.For information offer of our services and campaigns
4.For Ad servicing our company and third party, and Marketing data's measurement and analysis
5.For payment's invoice and collection
6.For vertifying your ID and preventing wrong use

(3) User participation method
It's possibe to change or delete user information by user apply
【Deletion・Change method】
It conducts thorugh some procedures such as identity verification. Please apply for "Contact us"

(4) Third party offer
We don't offer any user information to third party except following situations
In case of law
When it needs for protecting life,body,and property. Also have difficulty getting consent
In case organizarion,local public body, and outsoursed company needs to help for pursuing task by law, and having difficulty pursuing it by getting consent
In case our company project including personal inforamation is inherited by merger, split-up, and bussiness transfer
In case we outsource user information handling within achievement of the purpose of use
In case we disclose or offer it to retouch user information that is impossible to recoginze certain person

(5) Policy changes
There are cases that changes policy because of improvement for user information handling. When policy is changed, please confirm announcement on this app, web site that we run, and the other methods.

(6) Contact form
Please contact 「Contact us」 in this app in term of user information handling