About unstable operation

If the game is unstable or does not start
If the game does not start, your device may not meet the recommended system requirements listed below.
Please check the recommended system requirements below.

[PC Environment]
- operating environment
 OS Windows 10 or later
 MacOS v10.15 Catalina or later

- Browser
 Google Chrome (latest version)
 Safari (latest version)

[Use from smartphones and tablets]
In the case of smartphones and tablets, the operation may not be stable.
Please use the PC environment as much as possible.
Memory 4G or more recommended for both iOS and Android.
It may not work properly depending on your model, communication environment, browser, version or combination.

[How to play with reduced image quality]
The operation may be improved by setting the rendering setting to "Low".
・Home lower right Menu → Configuration → Graohoc setting → Render Setting → Low → Decision

[When an error is displayed on the game title screen]
Super reloading the browser may improve the situation.
Please try the following
*Some operations may be performed by the browser.

[PC Environment]
OS Windows
・Shift + F5(shortcut key)
・Ctrl + F5(shortcut key)
・Ctrl + Shift + R(shortcut key)
・Shift + update button
・Ctrl + update button

・Shift + update button
・Cmd + Shift + R(shortcut key)

[Smart Phone Environment]
Login status and password autofill for other sites may be deleted.

For android
Step 1
1.Select Settings → Applications
2.Select Application Management → All
3.Select Browser → Clear Cache to complete.

Step 2
1.Browser Menu → Settings
2.Privacy and Security → Clear Cache to complete.

For ios
For Safari
1.Settings → Safari
2.Complete with history and website data erasure.

For Google Chrome
1.Open Chrome settings
2.Privacy → Clear Browsing History
3.Select browsing history, cookies, site data, cached images and files, etc. and delete browsing history to complete.